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WHO am i?

Pipsa Aro: Employer Branding Manager @ Transporeon, Founder and CEO @ House of Ikigai, LinkedIn influencer, job search mentor. Keynote speaker, trainer. Volunteer worker.

Godmother. Cat-mom. Huge movie fan. Lover of food. Gamer. Traveler. New to Berlin, a place I now call home. 

So, professionally, I have +10 years of hardcore marketing experience in the tech world, mostly B2B. I've been a job search mentor since 2016, an entrepreneur and LinkedIn coach since 2018, employer branding pro for 3 years (with +5 years of previous employer branding experience).

I'm in love with what I do and become better at it constantly as I have a huge drive to learn and grow, and having surrounded myself with people smarter than me.


That's me in a nutshell!

HOW DID Become an entrepreneur?

I became an entrepreneur in Feb 2018 after volunteering for 2 years at Suomen Mentorit to help job seekers finding their dream jobs. I wanted to scale my ability to help. Quite quickly after that I extended my services to keynotes, LinkedIn trainings, then marketing consulting and now also employer branding.

I looooove the freedom I have as an entrepreneur, the possibility to say yes to endless amount of exhilarating opportunities and gigs! Entrepreneurship makes the world of opportunities and endless learning available to me at all times. Enthusiasm is my superpower!


Check out my LinkedIn profile for more.

My services.


Need to amp up your team's LinkedIn presence? Want to give them the skills to stand out? I'm your gal. I'm a highly experienced LinkedIn coach to both organizations and individuals.


Book me, and I'll make sure you'll succeed on LinkedIn.


Having an event and need a fun, charismatic and professional host to keep the audience's energy level up, increase interaction and keep the event rolling? 

Contact me and let's make your event as enjoyable as possible!


Struggling with finding the right talent to your team? Scared of having your people leaving for other opportunities?
I got you. I have extensive experience from employer branding, how to attract and keep the best.


This is my first, true passion, my ikigai. I love helping people discover their strengths, passions and motivators. Nothing beats the feeling when you witness your mentee's steadily growing self-confidence and they finally nail their dream job!
Let me help you, too. 


Looking for an energetic, inspirational and experienced speaker to your event or training? I can do themes like job search, discovering your strengths, leadership, entrepreneurship, LinkedIn training, personal branding, unemployement... You name it, just ask.


Marketing is my bread and butter, having worked last 8 years in various marketing roles in both global giants like Google and IBM and Finnish startups. When you need an experienced marketer to help you out with quick fixes, let me know.

FOR YOUR NEEDS IN LINKEDIN TRAININGS, KEYnotes, hosting, employer branding and marketing consulting, I'm your gal.

Contact ME.

Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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